Africa Business Report – 13 April 2018

Africa_Business_Radio_NewsAfrica Re-ignites on its Business Vision

This week on the Africa Business Report, Africa reignites its vision and mission of being an economically active business destination. Standard Bank/Stanbic has opened its first office in Cote’d Ivoire to serve the francophone region.

Google is releasing an app for Africa to alleviate the slow internet connections that hinder business and entrepreneurial growth and also delve into innovative start-ups across the continent that recently got attention from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with a grant of $200k.
For the love of fine things, not only the government of Tanzania is building a wall to protect its gemstones, Botswana once again has unearthed a 472-carat light brown diamond stone by the Canadian company at a site previously owned by De Beers. We will watch in anticipation the revenue this particular stone is going to pull in for the company.

We also chat to the Chairman of Black Ink Solutions, a South African company that specializes in assisting start-ups and small to medium enterprises list their services offerings on their web portal to position themselves to the markets and potential jobs. They do so by qualifying these businesses before listing them on the portal, named Black Society.

Podcast available here: click here to listen

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